DJ Screw, The Untold Story – Full Movie

A review and documentary of the Houston hip hop icon DJ Screw.

DJ Screw is known for popularizing the Screwed (slowed down) music form and for choppin it up with his mixing skills. He was also known for providing a outlet, other than radio, for artists to gain exposure. A number of artists, family members, and members of the Screwed Up Click and Swisher House appear in the documentary.

The Beef between North Houston and South Houston is also discussed in this film, and much more that isn’t included in this brief description.

A number of well known figures in the entertainment industry are spotted in this documentary.

Robert Earl “DJ Screw” Davis, Jr. (July 20, 1971 – November 16, 2000) was a Houston, Texas-based DJ. He was known as a central figure in the Houston hip-hop community and was the creator of the now-famous Chopped and Screwed DJ technique. This creation led to his nickname of “The Originator.” Davis was recognized for his various mixtapes and albums mostly on a regional level, until after his death. His legacy was discovered by a wider audience when Houston hip-hop began reaching a national audience in 2005. [Wikipedia]

Enjoy The Documentary.

DJ Screw, The Untold Story – Full Movie

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