BMF – Documentary

Rise and Fall of a Hip Hop Drug Empire is a documentary focused on Demetrius & Terry Flenory’s Black Mafia Family (BMF) of Atlanta, GA, and Detroit Michigan.


The Black Mafia Family Documentary covers the following;

  • BMF‘s status in the music industry during their beginning in the year 2000, until their fall in 2005.
  • BMF‘s lavish and expensive style was also talked about in the documentary.
  • Fabulous, Slim Thug, and Young Jeezy’s affiliation with BMF.
  • Hundreds of pounds and marijuana and cocaine kilos being found in their possession.
  • How the Black Mafia Family made nearly 300 million dollars.
  • This documentary also highlights how the men behind BMF were willing to go the extra mile, think outside the box, and take risks.
  • One of the biggest hurdles for the criminal prosecution of BMF was getting law enforcement to believe that their could ever be a such thing as a Black Mafia Family. They considered the concept a joke.
  • At one point, all cocaine was 3 transactions away from BMF. They moved hundreds of thousands of kilos of cocaine in multiple states.


A DEA seized BMF drug & cash delivery limo.

More on BMF…

  • BMF, by conservative estimates, made at least 270 million US Dollars.
  • Yes its true, these brothers had the nerve to put up billboards in major American cities.
  • BMF produced loyalty from their members with use of rewards, rather than punishment or fear.
  • The crew bought their dope from Columbia, after being hooked up with “The Mexicans” via a Californian contact.
  • The Mexicans brought the dope into the United States for BMF, and continue to do so, for the Columbians.

Big Meech – BMF – Rise and Fall of a Hip Hop Drug Empire

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