Blood Sacrifice For Fame (Video)

Blood Sacrifice For Fame is a short mini documentary, likely produced in someone’s basement, yet more valuable than most of the content you’ll see produced by major media.


The documentary starts off with a look at the pop star Prince, and insinuates that he forewarned the world about the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York during the conclusions of his public performances back in the 1998-1999 time frame. The question being asked was how did Prince know about the 9/11 bombing plot ahead of time? The video also claims that Prince sacrificed his father, and is gay. See more in the video. Comment Below.

Aaliyah, JayZ & Damon Dash

Aaliyah was also a topic of discussion in this movie as not being the angel she was made out to be because she dating two men. Damon Dash and Jay Z. She allegedly fell in love with Damon Dash while he was involved with Rachel Roy. However, Jay-Z was still hittin it.  It’s also alleged that Damon Dash lied about being in love with Aaliyah because he knew he needed her for a blood sacrifice. Aaliyah was passed around between Jay-Z and Damon Dash. She died in a plane crash due the plane being overweight after allegedly being begged by Damon Dash to take the flight. Rachel Roy is alleged to be aware of this, and was with Damon Dash when Aaliyah died. Aaliyah was allegedly cool with satanic worship. Damon Dash married Rachel Roy years later. After Aaliyah died, or was sacrificed depending on what you want to believe, Damon Dash was said to have been awarded with State Property (movies), RocaWear, ProKeds (shoes), and CEO (clothing line). The Boule is also named, which is rare. As it goes, when Damon Dash, Suge Knight (DeathRow Records), Irv Gotti (Murder Inc), and Lil J aka James Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records), tried to go behind the industry’s back to create a new distribution empire, Jay-Z snitched em out and became a made man in the eyes of the so-called Elite. As a result The F.B.I. ended up shaking down the perpetrators of this new distribution empire and brought it down. Pimp C’s death was also discussed. It was stated that he was held down and given a lethal injection. For running his mouth, Jay Z was allegedly rewarded with the 40/40 Club, RocaWear, Def Jam Recordings, The New York Knicks, Jay Z Inc, as well as lunch with Bill Gates of Planned Parenthood and Microsoft imfamy. See more in the video. Comment Below.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was allegedly killed by his family for money via a drug overdose. Janet Jackson’s husband, Jermaine Dupri, allegedly molested Kris Kross.

Kanye West

The film alleges that Kanye West sacrificed his mother for fame.

Jennifer Hudson

It is alleged that Jennifer Hudson sacrificed her whole family, except her sister, for fame and fortune. The video also alleges that Beyonce is long overdue for a sacrifice. It is also alleged that Dr Dre sacrificed his son for power in the music industry.

Blood Sacrifice For Fame (Video)

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