How To Get Your Music, Beats, or Lyrics Copyrighted

To have your works copyrighted is to have the exclusive right by law (1976 Copyright Act Section 106), for a set period of time, to control your music, and/or other copyrightable works.

The law says that copyright is automatically granted when a work is created.

The legal definition of “created” is when it is in a fixed format. A fixed format can be written, video recorded, or even recorded on audio or any other tangible form of expression that can be copied.
In other words, if you write it, it is already copyrighted. If it is still in your head, it is not copyrighted.

To truly protect yourself, it’s best to register your music with the Copyright Office.

The form you will need is Form PA. You can get it by printing it from this link.

Registration for sound recording is Form SR.

Request Form PA by mail @

Copyright Office, Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave, S.E.
Washington D.C. 20559-6000

The phone number to the US Copyright office is 202-707-3000.

Order Form PA by calling 202-707-9100.

By registering your music with the Copyright Office, have a better record of proof that you are the owner of the music and rights when it comes to lawsuits.

You also benefit if you have to file a claim for copyright infringement if someone uses your music without your permission.

A copyrightable work is;

  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Literary Works
  • Or almost anything of an artistic expression that can be created, recorded, copied or duplicated.

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How To Get Your Music and Lyrics Copyrighted

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