Its a Damn Shame

It’s a Damn Shame is a hip hop documentary about the lack of an effective brain trust within popular hip hop culture. We felt compelled to watch this movie because of the historic reference to Willie Lynch of “The Making of a Slave” infamy.

The following represents topics up for discussion in the documentary;itsadamnshame2

  • Hip Hop’s influence on the black community.
  • Willie Lynch, and The Making of a Slave.
  • How the music industry puts millions of dollars behind artists who serve no intellectual purpose.
  • The psychological science behind music, and its vibrations effects on the human brain.
  • How the black man is being set up for destruction.
  • American Gangster: The Movie, The TV Show, Music CD, and how American gangsterism has been sold with a black face around the world.
  • Gay Hip Hop and closeted gay rappers.
  • Once an artist earns a certain amount of money, things change.
  • There are already gay rappers, however, they won’t come out till they reach a certain level.
  • Baby and Lil Wayne french kissing.
  • GAME disclosing alleged homosexuality in the G-Unit camp including 50 cent butt sexing his artists.
  • Rick Ross discussing 50 Cent’s alleged homosexuality, adding that he is a monkey and needs to stop ruining those Dr Dre tracks.
  • The molestation of members of B2K.
  • An interesting feature of Tupac’s story was shown alongside a glimpse into the death of Port Arthur’s own Pimp C of Rap-A-Lot Records.

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