Why MTV Won’t Show Music Videos Anymore

People tune to MTV in hopes of watching TV shows related to music or to watch music videos in a time which the idea of MTV being about music seems lost. A lady had some questions to ask of the MTV head about why they no longer air music videos in this hilarious piece of satire mocking the programming director of MTV.

Reasons Why MTV Won’t Air Music Videos…

  • They aren’t looking to preserve the past.
  • Their demographics have changed.
  • Music Videos are only worth making if they have promotional power behind them.
  • The game has changed.
  • The current generation decided to steal music.
  • Most videos only get funding if they offer product placements.
  • The rise of the internet, and the fact that you can watch your favorite videos over and over, thus you don’t need to wait for them to show up on MTV. It kills TV and Cable stations when people don’t tune in.

Why MTV won’t Show Music Videos Anymore

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