Scientist Reveals Chemical Homosexuality

Brother Tyrone Hayes discovers a big problem with the food in that the pesticides used on the food made male frogs gay. In other words, chemical castration via drugs.

If you’ve ever wondered if any of the conspiracy nuts claiming that the gay explosion is an artificial “fix”, and the Pan-Afrikanists who claim this phenomenon is targeted at Afrikans were right; then you can chalk up another point for em cause they are spot on.

Gay Frogs & Farm Pesticides

Asians & Feminized Food

Considering the large numbers of Asian food vendors in the so-called “Black” communities of America who serve up large helpings of soy laden foods (Think Eggrolls & Fried Rice), it bears pointing out that scientific evidence also exists that suggests that soy is a chemical inducer of child homosexuality.

No Soy Sauce, Soy Milk, or any other food that contains SOY is good for so-called “black” children.

Soybean, Soy, Soybean Oils

We noticed our coffee creamer had soy based substances as an ingredient.

It is no longer our coffee creamer.

Silencing The Scientist

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