Why Euro-American Criminals Go Unpunished

In light of the mass (re)incarceration of the descendants of freed African slaves in America, Michelle Alexander breaks down so-called “white” privilege enjoyed by Europeans who end up facing the criminal justice system. She points out the psychological programming in Americans that dictates that Africans must be bad and that the Europeans must be good. (A feat normally accomplished by white-washed religions.)

History would beg to argue with any concept of Europeans being “good” in any way as a power.

See “White Like Me“, a movie about race, racism, and so-called “white” privilege in America featuring Tim Wise.

Editors Note: Tim Wise is an integrationist European-American, but we like the concept of the video. No African descended revolutionaries were features, no real so-called “black” men of power are featured, the mention of slavery and the psychological enslavement/manipulation of African peoples are covered. The psychological reinforcement of so-called “white” supremacy was mentioned to a degree. So-called “Jews” were not mentioned at all in the creation of the problem(s) and control of the media the perpetuate them. This video is not for nor targeted to African peoples, but its interesting.

How European Criminals Go Unpunished

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