Detective Greg Kading on Who Killed Tupac and Biggie

A very interesting conversation about the killing of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur.

Topics Discussed

  • Puffy’s Motive and if he was even man enough to order a hit.
  • The Southside Crips
  • Why was Anderson at the MGM Grand?
  • Crips hunting Tupac and Suge Knight
  • The shooting of Tupac, and the White Cadillac.
  • The Las Vegas police and the crime scene.
  • When did Suge Knight and the Death Row entourage know that it was Southside Crips that shot Tupac?
  • Tupac’s full, unedited FBI file.
  • Autopsy photos.
  • Did Suge Knight have a motive to kill Biggie Smalls?
  • Did the Crips killed Biggie?
  • Does the Las Vegas Police Department want to even solve the murder of Tupac Shakur?

All of these points and more are addressed in the video.

Detective Greg Kading, Who Killed Tupac and Biggie?

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