How Rich Athletes End Up Broke

Why Rich Athletes end Up Broke

This movie examines how so many millionaire athletes not only lose most of the money they gain from professional sports contracts, but end up flat broke.

Former Athletes and Rich Folks Featured in This ESPN Program are;

  • Andre Rison – Former NFL Wide Receiver
  • Carmelo Anthony – Denver Nuggets – NBA
  • Evander Holyfield – Professional Boxer
  • Shelly Finkel – former Boxing Promoter
  • Keith McCants – Former NFL Linebacker
  • Herman Edwards – Former NFL Coach & Cornerback
  • Leon Searcy – Former NFL Offensive Lineman
  • Bart Scott – NFL Linebacker
  • Sean Salisbury – Former NFL Quarterback
  • Jamal Mashburn – Former NBA Player
  • Homer Bush – Major League Baseball
  • Eugene Lockhart – Former NFL
  • Reggie Wilkes – Former NFL
  • Bernie Kosar – Former NFL Quarterback
  • Curt Schilling – Former Major League Baseball Pitcher
  • Cliff Floyd  – Former MLB Outfielder
  • Ron Insana – Business Analyst
  • Dante Wesley – Former NFL Cornerback
  • Joe Nocera – New York Times
  • Ed Butowsky – Financial Adviser
  • Winfred Tubbs – Former NFL

Some of these former millionaires lost their money by gambling, partying, and by simply not counting how much they spent versus how much they had left. They also pay millions in taxes which comes as a surprise to most new players. Most NFL players live paycheck to paycheck while losing money on women, bad business deals, and gambling.

How Rich Millionaire Athletes End Up Broke

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