How To Sign Up With BMI and ASCAP

The simplest method to joining one of these music royalty sharing groups is to visit their websites.

The links to the websites for PRS, SESAC, Broadcast Music Inc and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers are below.

(See the video for important information on the differences between BMI and ASCAP.)





On both sites there are options available to sign up, learn about earning royalties,  and other information.

  • The application can be completed over the internet.
  • There are fees for signing up.
  • The royalty sharing groups are generally after works that have a real chance of being played in public.
  • If you have only recorded a few songs, and your work is not generally available to the public, this option may not be best for your works yet.
  • If you have a website and your songs are online, your application will likely be accepted.
  • You can’t join BMI if you are a member of ASCAP

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How To Sign Up With BMI and ASCAP

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