How To Start Your Record Label

To have, or start, your own record label is really more of a task of building a brand that people with speakers and a love for music can rely on for musical entertainment. In an ideal world, the record label would work to make sure it has a solid following (earned by dropping hot music) which would obviously be built by maintaining a strong reputation for a period of time.

The record label would also serve as a unifying front for a collaboration of different artist, engineers, and composers.

Over time, this will lead people to trust any music from that record label without doubt and likely, without any regret.

The article we linked to the bottom of this page covers the following topics,

  • Planning
  • Cash Flow
  • Business Plan
  • Licenses and Forms
  • Office Space
  • Naming
  • Government
  • Graphics
  • Cornering Your Market
  • Talent
  • Recording
  • Promotions
  • Product
  • Distribution

Click here for a well written article about how to properly start a record label.

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