Why Every Artist Should Have a Bio

Completing a bio can seem impossible but it becomes easy once you realize the number of benefits you get by having your bio available for the public.

Benefits of having a bio or an “about” are as follows;

Don’t just use your bio once,

  • Use it for the about section in social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ and Reverb Nation and music sharing sites ect.,
  • Youtube has an about section for you to add information to as well.
  • Post it your blog or website.
  • Make it in leaflet form and put it in your demo CD’s and press packages.
  • Pass out leaflets of it or put it on your show flyers.
  • Use it in the description of your YouTube videos.
  • If you have your bio posted online, be sure to add links to it so people can buy your works.

A Bio is a Form of Media

Any recording artist needs and must or should create as much media backing them up as possible, a bio should be an easy start, along with some behinds the scenes video, and music videos. Give the world a total package.

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A Bio May Help Grow Your Fanbase

Plain and simple, having a bio means that you mean business. Just imagine that you have people who like your music, or whatever it is that you create, and they want to know more. If they can gain more insight into you as a person then they may become connected to your work and you then have yourself a die hard fan. A bio can help with this.

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A Higher Level of Seriousness

Simply put, too many artist are caught up in the more exciting part of the entertainment business and never even think to build a biography of themselves. By having a bio, you set yourself a part from the rest, which by Federation standards is a requirement for membership, no exceptions period.

We feel that the more cool points you can give yourself, the merrier. The uses and benefits you can gain by telling people about yourself are only limited to your imagination.

Written By Federation Staff

Why Every Artist Should Have a Bio

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